Thursday, December 25, 2014

christmas :)

LOL so cute! story of my life. it's very groovy i must say
i'm on call again tomorrow. guess i'll just need to

christmas this yr was not really particularly christmassy and festive filled, but i nevertheless felt extreme gratitude, because if i didnt have this day off to sleep, i might actually have collapsed from exhaustion. literally life-saving day. 

my christmas went like this - wake up at 11am, open presents and christmas lunch, crash back to bed to sleep, christmas mass. haha. 

anyway i am really grateful for medicine. even though it can be numbingly exhausting and i hate the parts of calls where i live in fear of getting scolded the next day/ when i am actually being scolded over the phone by nurses for not coming fast enough/ where there just isnt anyway to balance doing things properly so you dont get calls the next day to demand why u didnt do such and such a thing vs not going somewhere fast enough. 3 more surg calls and it's over!! 1 more passive and then 2 more passive. i dont mind SDA, it's quite chillax (comparatively), except the nurses are very flurried but even its far less highstakes than usual calls. so thank you God, being a doctor is the best christmas present i could ever have had. :)

aiming to have all my patients survive the night, not get any post call- calls, and be awake enough for team christmas party and also be awake enough to meet d on 28th. i strongly suspect im gonna just spend that free day sleeping off my massive sleep debt though. just sayin'

thank you - roy kim
When it was dark, when I couldn’t see the path
You made me see a better me
When I was lonely, when I didn’t like people
You made me see a better day
Thank you, thank you for staying in the same place no matter what color the sky was
Thank you for remaining as my person from a step behind
Thank you

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