Thursday, November 20, 2014


The sky seems so low, it seems like it’ll collapse at any time
You used to ask why I came so late, that you waited for me,
But now you’re frozen, colder than a stranger you run into by chance
Your bright smile (bright smile) your warm embrace (your face)
It feels like I can’t see it or touch it now, it scares me
Right now, we’re like the clock hands at 12:30
Our backs turned against each other, looking at different places, about to throw everything away
Right now, we’re like the clock hands at 12:30
We’re walking to a place that we can never return from
Time used to follow us but now it has stopped
Instead of an “us” it’s just “you” and “me”
Then I believe time will follow us once again, I believe that time will come
I’m letting you go right now, I’m letting you go and everything has stopped
But I believe the clock will move once again
after much thought, ive decided that no-one owes anyone anything. its true that some memories are sweeter than others

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