Tuesday, November 25, 2014

stop saying its alright

beautiful song lyrics. i'm loving holiday period :) as in the holiday season for the rest of the world. coz that means hardly any elective surgeries. haha

I wanted to run into you at least once
I hope fate will bring you to me just once

Tell me why, I still stop in place when I see someone’s back that resembles you
please tell me why, you come to me on the path that became a memory
My memories and feelings are frozen to that time
Tell me why, why are the words “time is medicine” not right for me?
please me why, I’m still walking on the path that became a memory


Turning around is the right thing to do
Breaking up was the right thing to do
I think and think about it again
I try to tell myself and comfort myself

I hope I forget you quickly
As if nothing ever happened
You pace back and forth in my eyes
Then you disappear
The image of you quickly turning around
I still can’t forget that either


There is rust in my heart
Forget me, pretend that I don’t exist, I really hate you now
You know this too, it’s over for us, let’s end it now
I’m not worried if you’ll be okay, I’m going to struggle with you
Even if you look back, nothing will change, please forget me now


The times I looked forward to, everything I dreamed of
Where did it all begin? Where am I standing right now?

I hear the sound of my breath from rapidly running here
The memories inside of me are scattering away with the wind

In the endlessly spread world are my dreams and my small hopes
Like a child’s dream that freely flies, I want to fly into my world
I hear the wind blowing as if it’s far, as if it’s near
Everything that is coming toward me is newly flying over to me

Times I was left alone at the end of despair
When I felt I couldn’t do it, that wasn’t the end
This is the beginning
I’ll fly again into the newly spread time

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