Sunday, November 9, 2014

first surg call

one week of surgery has passed

let's just say, active call is really... active haha. not as bad as DIM call where you get SPAMMED with calls but still gotta move really fast. my 6 mths of paeds+ IM has def prepared me better for this than if i did this right out of med sch. nevertheless, im not really of sufficient personality or intensity to do surg longterm (despite my initial ambitions to be a neurosurgeon in earlier life LOL). & i find myself analyzing the medical aspect of stuff more. but as with medical calls where there are certain set tips & tricks to common CTSP like chest pain, high hypocount, desat, surg usually its a good trick to NBM, iv roc/flagyl, iv losec, IV drip (with higher fluid requirements than in medical! i spent the whole call giving people 1-1.5L NS and then re-rounding with my mo or reg and upwarding my drip to 2-2.5L of premix... lol), and ordering CTAPs and OGDs for the next day. on the bright side i got all the bloods i needed to do really fast! guess 6 mths of work accounts for something huh.

glorious post-call bumming on a sunday now :)

(after only leaving at 5pm on a saturday...)

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