Tuesday, October 21, 2014

time & fallen leaves

in these moments of indecision, sometimes the world decides for you. its funny how sometimes the most random and small wishes get granted, like something so prosaic finally yielding poetry. it had bugged me that i couldnt produce any poetry for the longest time. as to how good or bad the poetry actually is, that's for the test of time

i dont think anyone owes anyone else anything. not even sincerity. i'm no saint, but i think that it's fine to do the wrong thing as long as you meant right, and never fine to do the right thing with the wrong intentions. whatever the intentions may have been. & if one thinks the contrary, then so be it. it honestly makes me feel nauseated at the thought of the genuine human kindness actually not being,  i've definitely been spoilt by all the people who have walked in & out of my life & been, well, not perfect, but enduringly genuine. the thing is that this isn't about love, it never was, i'm just genuinely disgusted at what i thought was true human kindness actually not being. i'm not sure what it is to be honest, and i dont think i actually care to know. 

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