Monday, October 6, 2014

the space between

such a mellow and lovely song

just wanted to say that when running a usual marathon, sometimes yeah there is 100pluses and bananas. but sometimes there isn't either. you start to wonder why you signed up for this marathon, why you didnt train harder. and coz there isnt anyone around you that you know, you start to be your own cheerleader and think of what nasi lemak you're going to have after this run finishes. or you start having mini-races with the people next to you. or philosophizing about life.

the funny thing about life is that it is UNLIKE a marathon. in real life, God always saves you just as you think you can't go on anymore. he always appears & miraculously saves you from yourself. (assuming you were generally going in the direction he was leading you in... but even then, half the time, you were running off in some other confused direction. but he saves you anyway). i dont purpose to know WHY he does this, nor to say that i deserve it. but i happen to know that its when one most needs the miracle most desperately, that He comes through. & i happen to believe in this 100%.

and wouldn't you believe it, the theme of today's doctor's life support is:

6th October 2014: Nothing Impossible

Nothing is impossible with God. Luke 1:37 (NIV)
There are many things we cannot alter, much as we should like to. We say: `If only I could, I would'. What could be better, then, than a faith that makes all things possible for us? But we have already made as subtle but serious shift from a biblical principle. The Christian's God is indeed one with whom `nothing is impossible', but this is quite different from saying that God will do anything: `If I cannot, God will'. This is convenient but not scriptural.
This formula, used as a type of incantation, is bound to fail. Experience and commonsense demonstrate it to be false. This is not surprising because Scripture tells us that there are some things that even God cannot do. He cannot belie his nature. The context of the verse is important. In the instance quoted it is the promise of the virgin birth of Jesus, the very incarnation of God himself. With God the utterly impossible actually happened. On another occasion Jesus made the same statement regarding the possibility of a rich man entering God's kingdom (Mt 19:23-26). In yet another Paul is asserting that when God promises something he is able to perform it (Rom 4:21). We see therefore that to impose the necessary strict conditions on the application of this promise in no way limits its stupendous and miraculous possibilities.
All that is consonant with God's nature is possible, all that is true, holy and righteous. More than that, all that is in line with his will no one and nothing can ultimately frustrate. This has been the challenge and the comfort of God's children throughout history. God's dependability is guaranteed to those who depend on him. `They who trust him wholly find him wholly true' F R Havergal).
This is the great principle proved in practice by those whose belief and trust is real. Such usually have more than their share of troubles, for God saves us in rather than from our circumstances, while faith remains undimmed and trust in him grows, `Depend upon it, God's work, done in God's way, will never lack God's supplies' (Hudson Taylor).
For every promise of God is sure to be fulfilled.
Lk 1:37 (JBP)

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