Saturday, October 25, 2014


to summarise
1) i was wrong & whatever it was, it was genuine. really thankful for that. faith in humanity restored. it was too saccharine for me though oh definitely.

2) that was really a good bookending

3) most of the time you only realise how awesome something is when you lose it. and usually once you lose it, you can't backspace anymore. but if you dont lose it, you'll never know what you had. tis the second time this has happened. both times are so different, but both equally awesome. it's so funny how it's the losing that causes the realization. human psyche yo.

4) no matter what, i think God is saying No. it was quite a loud no too. just that i got a bit upset about the thing about humanity so He decided to pass me some chocolate. it was much appreciated.

5) everything always balances out

6) i didnt do anything wrong this time! for once i'm innocent! hahah.

7) guess i really wanted, in the end, to know the answer. its just really frustrating not knowing what i wanted, or God wanted. and now i know. even though the answer may or may not be what one wants to hear sometimes, and even though the journey may or may not compensate for the answers, an answer is an answer. so we'll just stick with that, & keep on going. i'm sure as life rolls on, we'll look back & we'll understand one dayas to why God put us in each others lives. :)

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