Saturday, October 18, 2014

are we all lost stars tryin to light up the dark

things i learnt from the past week
'nuff said. humans, no matter how awesome, won't be there all the time. sometimes there are time differences. 
2. gymming is actually essential to my sanity. not just for vanity's sake, for actual mental stability. i think i'm literally addicted to it & if i dont get the endorphins, i get really really depressed. or there could have been a multitude of other reasons for it, but. 

3. i think being genuine is the most important thing in life. you can be kind to as many or as few people as you like, as long as you are genuine about it. i understand that friendships & human connections may or may not be forever, but even for those friendships whose ships have sailed the harbor, there are those moments that are worth remembering forever. and if you aren't going to be genuine about it, i suggest there are some things, that you just don't do. i understand that no-one owes us anything, least of all consistency or logic, but i mean, there are just some lines that shouldn't be blurred. i guess maybe sometimes we can't help blurring lines, its human to not always color within the lines or follow the instructions to stand behind the yellow line. the reason for this, i'll understand one day. the rhyme - i've written it. as d says, i didnt want it anyway, so there's no point thinkin' bout it. i just wanted to say that i feel a little sad that there's out there a wisp of human connection that doesn't mean anything to either of the humans involved, that wasn't meant to have happened if the humans had just listened to God's soft prompting, won't be remembered for years to come, and was borne out of insincerity and just a general throw of soft cotton candy in a very general direction. and for the time spent wondering how to spin this cotton candy in a way that's pleasing to God, because the last time i sure didn't handle it the right way, i dont really regret it, cos at least i know i didn't do anything wrong this time. and the carousel spins on & i've learnt to listen to God when he says no. 

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