Monday, October 6, 2014

all you ever wanted

its a holiday!!! spending today doing absolutely NOTHING feels awesome.

2 mths of DIM have come & gone. sip really prepared me well for work & the team atmosphere i felt in sgh as an sip student is really true. whatever i do in the future, i picked well for my ho yr :) i have had possibly the nicest set of mos EVER. (z, zy and ny) and the good fortune to have a superb sip student for the week i had 12 pts all to myself. i realised one's efficiency varies according to how many patients one has. when you have 12 pts, somehow you just become super efficient & everything gets done. and my fellow hos are so awesome too. the extremely fast response to sos-es haha.

one more month before we all converge on gs. i hope i survive that. omg.

anyway, managed to submit my residency app just on time. truly an exercise in trusting God, waiting on all my referees to submit their referrals haha. the last minute joy when the last sms from one of my tutors (and heroes) came in with a smiley face no less. relief +++

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