Monday, September 15, 2014


pretty mv. space imagery is totally my thing.

shine - j min
The yellow sunlight suddenly becomes the clouds
I put out my hand to send off my heart

If I clash against the wind and stop
No, you will protect me

When I get tired and fall asleep, even in my dreams
I become a bridge of stars in the dark sky
To go to you, my way

if you want - j min
You probably thought I’d tell you that everything will be OK
But sometimes, I want to give you the ability to acknowledge sadness as well

If you want me to stay
Face the warm sunlight and close your eyes
We can find new ways
You can’t look at a higher place where you are right now

If you want to change one thing, think about it
The one thing that only you can do
We are dreaming the same dream under the big sky
The dream that you and I are looking at
If you want

One day, you said
That you wanted to dream the biggest dream
Remember that day
If you want
If you want
If you want

I’ll tell you now that everything will be OK
Go toward the high place

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