Sunday, September 28, 2014

because of different times

i guess no matter how much time goes by, i will never forget the person at the heart of the pivotal point in my life. every happy moment in my life will always be like a counterpoint to what went before. i think there's nothing wrong with having lived intensely, feeling deeply happiness/confusion/whatever you call it. there's nothing wrong with acting childishly and humanly, doing what you believed to be the right thing. even if; especially if, it was all going to start going right sometime soon. like the song says 'the way of parting is the right thing/ without you, i seem to be relaxed'. like a counterpoint, there isn't one without the other. i think that was the final thing that matured me, the final thing i had to learn. the final thing i had to exchange for happiness. i think so coz, since then, i've never experienced anything like that before. everyone i've met thus far is relatively sane and things progress logically, without strange jumps in logic and odd, uncomphrehendable behavior. i dont miss feeling like alice in wonderland, i'd say that much. but 
It seems like the way of parting is the right thing
Without you, I seem to be relaxed
Even if someone comes to see me late at night,
No one is going to interfere it
It seems like the way of parting is the right thing
The answer has come down for several times
From one to ten, aren’t we different?
Whatever we do, we always hurt each other
Today, of all day, I keep drifting from you
It seems like tonight is longer than yesterday
Can’t we even start again?
Anyway, if things start to hurt again
You know someone who can relieve the longing
From one to ten, didn’t we resemble each other?
Maybe there’s no answer like love
I guess it’s just an endless question

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