Saturday, September 13, 2014

3rd/ 4th call

3rd call was normal DIM call. 19 adms! clerked like the wind, had an amazing med student who saved me too. thanks v!! really so appreciated. i really like the med students v & c they are so cute haha. and c always gives me this feeling of moral support somehow. awesome people. i dont think i ever was quuite that helpful to my HOs last time lol. what i like abt sgh is the team system. you really form a bond with the people you work with. teamwork ftw! it was a weekend call so super tired, but eventually managed to sleep 2 hrs!! amazing. i think the hosp filled up really fast clerking in the daytime. bloods were good too yay!

4th call was haem/ onc. only 6 adms!! but each quite complicated. i liked how my mo let me finish clerking and then reviewed after, coz then i could take my time to think thru and then go back and later see what changes he made. bloods were ugh but on the bright side i learnt how to take blood from a port! really grateful to the nurse who walked me thru it slowly coz i was really quite scared/ apprehensive. i would probably have rolled up my sleeves and got it done but its really 100% better if someone who actually knows how to does it step by step with me. didnt sleep at all this call due to all the passives & generally sicker pts but felt accomplished at the end! pts generally had more complicated past medical hx and presenting complaints so more fun to clerk (as opposed to htn dm high lipids comes in for fall/ giddiness ie typical dim adm haha).

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