Sunday, August 10, 2014

summer nights

the past three months have been nothing short of crazy & amazing. looking back on it, they've been bookended by my acceptance & by today's actual event. such a perfect beginning & closure to my first three months of work ever in my life and my paeds HO posting.

i've never felt more fortunate as when i was sitting there soaking in all the plethora of information. wondering how i could have been so lucky as to get this awesome chance. of course that was soon mitigated when the realization of what i have to do to validate my attendance soon sunk in... HAHA. thus commenced around half a day of frantic activity. well... i survived it!!

in summary, as in for everything big, THANK GOD. seriously. and also the amazing people who have rendered their help, and kindness. i am indeed indebted to them.

one more day of learning about cool and amazing things awaits :)

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