Sunday, August 24, 2014


"Run To Jesus"

Hey, you who needs some sunshine 
All you gotta do is open up the blinds 
Hey, worry 
Hey, heartache 
Help is not that far away 
Just open up your eyes 
He’ll be there, He’ll be there every time 

When you’re all out of heart and out of hope 
And you don’t really know which way to go 
Come on, come on, run to Jesus 
If you’re lost and you don’t know where to start 
It don’t really matter where you are 
Do you know that your story 
Starts and ends with mercy 
When you’ve reached the end of every road 
And you’re a million miles from home 

That’s when you run, run to Jesus 
When the clouds have covered up the sun 
And your strength is all but gone 
When you’ve reached the end of every road 
Just run to Jesus

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