Saturday, August 2, 2014

it's okay it's love/ 10th & 11th call

survived my 3 calls in 1 week period!!
10th call was a high d call and i had to round hd that day as well, was quite scared before at the thought but turned out quite fun! quite a lot of adms for ho2 though -_- 10-11 adms. deb says she slept 4 hours on ho2 call before HAHA. i slept 2 hours, personal achievement! traced back ALL the bloods and updated my mo and started mx (culture and cover, etc). wow. first time i actually had time to go back and trace the bloods of patients i admit, usually the mo does it! but mo2 is quite stress coz of high d. overall, good call :)

11th and last ever paeds HO call was ho1 on my home ground!! beautiful LP rounding off my paeds HO posting. NO RBCs in the LP at all!! did urine in-outs the whole night, i'm now officially the urine in-out expert (in neonates that is). by the 5th in-out i was like.... 
started off well with me giving the nurses chocolates for nurses day, resulted in random nurses coming up to the counter as i clerked inumerable bronchiolitis babies thanking me for the chocolate :) lol chocolate makes everyone happy. one of the things i like about 31 is how S the vatsnurse always hangs around the treatment room conveniently. she has saved me SO many times. you can't imagine my feeling of relief when i see S coming over the horizon haha. 
and plus the mo was WY who is the nicest mo ever so i wasn't scared to call her for stuff! what i liked best about this call was that we didnt sleep much but we werent so rushed off our feet that we didnt do stuff properly - so we didnt sleep coz we settled everything thoroughly and well. i like :) unfortunately of course not every call is like that HAHA. 

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