Saturday, August 23, 2014

half year roundup

yeah all the posts are overflowing coz this is my first weekend off in what seems like forever

it's been an interesting year indeed. note the disparity between pre and post work starting LOL

jan: surg starts tomorrow! i vividly remember the night before csfc surg started in m2, and the night before m3 surg started...  brimming with excitement, unsure of what exactly surgery would entail, but also being very convinced that it would be all sorts of awesome.

feb: truly inspiring. to be able to use your God-given skills to bring more years of life to people

march: i slayed a kraken today  ran to botanics!

april: back from my travels! most exciting & beautiful trip ever haha. literally thank God for bringing us back home safe & sound.

may: there are many things i don't know. but this i know, that this year of my life will only be turned to good. that God will be with me through my ho year. that i will look back on this time period & see God's hand in my life.

june: the weekend is over so fast!!

july: 7th call. so so tired and med dinner tmr, then call again the next day. this is sheer madness

aug: dim. honestly i'm just really sleepy all the time haha

resolutions for call on tues
1. no more than 15 mins for each new case
2. abg. abg. abg.
3. be prepared for the calls to flood at 5pm sharp (im not used to this coz in paeds the calls actually started at 630ish actually giving us time to shower, eat dinner (!!) etc)

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