Saturday, August 23, 2014

experience/ 1st DIM call

1st DIM call came & went

thank God my mo was suat, thank God all my blds suceeded (even if the first one took super long and backlogged everything else). thanks to the nurse who asked me at 2am "girl you want to eat kueh kueh?" HAHA. thank God i only had 8 admissions (everyone who i told this to totally jawdropped upon hearing this)

past 3 weeks of DIM have been so so tiring. in a way fulfilling like when i finally managed to d/c this patient and she went home smiling and waving to us... definitely the teamwork in DIM is amazing. the ever-efficient FN, the hilarious & cute dot (sister of my ex-pri sch classmate!) and WL who always looks very stunned haha but is the nicest guy ever srsly. like once i was going to take bld c/s for some uncle who had fever (WHY must we do septic workups at the drop of the hat i have no idea but anw...). and sudddenly WL appeared to give me moral support HAHA anyway yes i suceeded in that bld c/s. yay. one of the nicest things abt HO yr has been the fellow HOs slogging through this year with me.

oh and i also lost like 4kg since ho year started. LOL. despite going gym like ONCE. and despite eating loads of desserts yesterday at TY dinner. ty dinner was quite funny coz i sat down next to nat my ex fellow ho then realised i dont really know the other pple at the table tt well HAHA but anyway it turned out really entertaining, and its always gd to get to know people better. lol.

something i constantly think about is that i am so not ready to be an mo in ANY speciality once this year is over. i guess paeds i'm slightly more ready than say... dim haha. but then again i didnt really feel prepared to be a HO on my first day of work either, so. i guess whatever situation you're in you just gotta step up to it and make it no matter what. a lot of ho work is like that. i would never have expected i could whip up blue letters and call 101 people to sort things out for my patients all before 1pm, but somehow it just gets done

a lot of what transpires before med sch/ ho year may not be directly related to medicine per se, but it does prepare you for the personal efficiency and for the extending beyond your own means to accomplish things you'd never imagine you can accomplish within the realm of human limitations. like my conquering maths to get an A when i am so maths-challenged seemed like so difficult back then but it did prepare me for the daily battle of finishing a thousand things before lunchtime.

random nice song by nu'est - good bye bye

Your tears and face grew cold
I didn’t know why I was so lost in you
Only scars remain in my angry heart
Then you told me to at least keep the memories
The innocence has disappeared

The light that only shone on me was you
But I can’t be deceived by the trap of time and stay here

Even if I have to walk through an endless tunnel
I can overcome it
And let me say
Good bye baby Good bye baby
I can live without you

Living because I can’t die
I’m afraid I’ll be like that tomorrow
In the middle of a very long life
There will be a day when I forget you
Sometimes I look back at us
Because my efforts are honest to me
I just need to forget yesterday and get back up again
I just need to tie my untied shoelaces and run again

Just like the story of us written in an old diary
I can’t live while being lost anymore
The innocence still remains

I can’t let you see my tears touch the ground
i'm alright now without you

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