Wednesday, July 9, 2014

the daylight project

i haven't done any form of physical activity for 2 months. (save that of running around like a headless chicken 24/7). omg. and surprise surprise, life without endorphins is poorer for it. its good to know i wasn't really just doing for vanity's sake but that i really did love it. its pretty hard not to love the rush but yknow just to check 

anyhow i finally went today! i conquered my abdominal pain not otherwise specified and life feels awesome now :)

fuelled by this sadness at lack of endorphins for TWO MONTHS, i was planning a life & future whereby i will have lots of time to run/ gym/ triathalon when three awesome things happened in quick successsion

1. i found my elusive venn diagram
2. i realised the hospital library has spss
3. i passed the online test we all have to take

oh and also after passing the test, the kind librarian helped me find an elusive article and pdf-ed it to me. really so kind of her!!

life is sometimes like playing computer games. every now and then you win some small minor quests and you get addicted back to the game again

i am not idealistic, not at all anymore. i probably was, even up to a few mths ago. i think nowadays, i'm just practical. which isn't bad per se. so i have my life plan, & we'll see how it goes. i think experience is a really good thing, if im not ready, i dont want to squeeze through and do a bad job, steep learning curves are not really my thing; i mean it's going to be steep any way but i think i need to feel that i am able to do it too haha. so in a way, i'm actually really grateful for how everything turned out

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