Saturday, July 12, 2014

manual to life

 brunch places
- revolution coffee! for gula melaka pancakes/ big breakfast/ banana bread
- the fabulous baker boy for their red velvet cake
- lola's cafe - avocado eggs benedict
- one man coffee for their brioche french toast
- drips bakery cafe - TARTS
- assembly coffee - for their salted buttermilk caramel waffles
- big mama korean restaurant - DAKGALBI

- korea for spring/ autumn/ winter
- russia

to do list
remainder of saturday: ebm quizzes + all the random evaluations online + email back time to meet supervisor
sunday: gym + church + watch online endo lecture + cv and stuffs
monday: endo clinic + pm ward + hidsss + go and finish up all the random rejected hids
tues: email the relevant supervisors for meetups
wed: touch up my project & email the slides
sat/sun: half call and CALL ROSTER

i -think- that's all i've got to do. there's very possibly much more but i just can't remember what else lol.

next next week i have a spate of 3 calls with 2 days in between. and i gave myself these calls. so brilliant. and intermittently there are residency open houses. i clearly was thinking straight when a) i volunteered for this and b) i planned my own calls. haha no to be fair i didnt know the open house dates like 1 mth ago.

got to rev self up!! work starts on mon again!! whoo! i need another vacation sigh

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