Tuesday, July 8, 2014

leave D2

leave has been a lot about uncoiling this tightly wound spring. the springing into action once blood has been taken to shake the tube so the edta doesnt clot, to tube it down to the lab within five seconds. to jump to do whatever your seniors ask you to do/ the hundred thousand requests from the nurses. a lot of it is how fast you can reorder the q4hrly paracet that expired

dont even get me started on how to manage high viral fevers coz i think if anyone has the answer to that at 3am in the morning, they can win a nobel prize.

i wake up mentally ticking off my to-do lists... then i realize that there ARE no to do lists.

well except my project which i have a to do list for which a) i can't read my own handwriting and b) i cant remember what changes i was supposed to make. but its ok, im used to that. i think

in the middle of all this madness, there definitely are fun times, camaraderie and such. i used to kind of envy the hos camaraderie back as a med student when we were always trying to be part of the team... honestly i think that as a med student it's actually quite difficult to really be part of the team (as much as i DID have postings where i felt quite integrated) coz they're always going off for tutorials at crucial times. but for hos, the camaraderie is practically a necessity to survive the day. helping each other out is not really coz we're all saintly people coz honestly all of us would like nothing better than to just go home and zzz half the time, or at least sit down for five minutes. but it's more of to just whittle away to get the neverending whirlwind of things done so that everyone can start on the discharge summaries. and to laugh and chat during our hids parties, is a way to shake off the feelings of why am i staying back so late everyday to do this; some human form of compensation. it's no doubt nice, but not so sure its sth to be envied. haha. nevertheless, it's something im grateful for; since the work has to be done anyway

just not by me, for this blessed week of sanity haha.

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