Friday, July 11, 2014

just the way you are

why are there so many things to do??

summary of my leave (which is ending soon, sigh)
- sleeping late everyday (= awesomeness)
- managed to go gym!! not super a lot but 100% more than usual. actually infinity more than usual since 1 divided by 0 is... infinity
- managed to settle lots of project related stuffs
- managed to watch lots & lots of dramas. hurray! ill likely not have a chance to do this again... til the next leave. but then i intend to go for one of my blitzing through foreign countries trips then haha. 

to do list
1. graduate
2. cv and ebm quizzes
3. meet supervisor
4. meet wardsupervisor
5. plan aug roster
6. try to gym at least once more before this month ends. hahaha
7. read up something about IM since i currently only know how to do puff and feeds review and calculate paeds dosings. and not particularly a lot of paeds dosings anyway since i usually just check the awesome frank sham drug book. 
8. phone switcheroo
9. get all my procedure stuffs signed!! and hand them up

i can do this!! and i think i shall totally go overseas next hols. if i dont have a lot of random admin stuff to settle. i probably will though. ughhh

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