Saturday, July 26, 2014

9th call

had my 9th call the other day after a really long call-free period. search me why the roster was planned that way... LOL. anyway it was a good call. quite funny since N and i are actually batchmates haha. but she's a good mo :) fast and efficient and nice. i aspire to be a good mo like that one day. the highlight was doing a beautiful LP at 10am post call. the trick is to put your finger on the L4 vertebrae and insert the needle just above that. then you'll defo be in the L3-L4 space.

my flu randomly came back. maybe its a new infection or maybe its the same one. who knows. either way its annoying and peri-call. grrr. nevertheless, dragged myself to church. i didnt go last week and last week was CRAZY. esp friday. i self volunteered to be the ho deployed out of my ward on fri and got sucked into a whirlpool of craziness that only ended at 830pm.

incidentally i cant rmb when i prayed silently for a good call the other day standing infront of the lifts after changing into my scrubs, and it really was a good call! maybe pre the last call. plausibly. prayer does work huh.

lots of random scattered thoughts. anyway 1 week more in paeds and 2 more calls to go! i wish i could do 4mths of paeds instead of 3 mths :(:( 1 more mth of hd would be just perfect. but the past mth of 31 has been really good. LPs!!

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