Wednesday, July 2, 2014

7th call

so so tired and med dinner tmr, then call again the next day. this is sheer madness

oh well. it was quite a good call. busy but we survived well :) there was only 1-2 small baby's bloods i couldnt get, managed to get everyone else's bloods. and an RN helped me with some pt/ptt that clotted. GRATITUDE. around 530am i set a plug for a kid with ba who needed abx but plug site swollen. (you really really hate to hear these words over the phone at 5am) after that i felt that i did something good with my life for once. i set it really fast too, so we could move on to the septic workup. which i also did. :) 

my mo was super nice too. well maybe coz he's a new mo. i think he did a great job though!! and for some happy reason we saw most of the cases tgt (maybe coz most of the new cases came way after the reg round sigh). and its just super fast to clerk tgt and to ask the peripheral qns while the mo examines the child. the only thing is at 720am we were clerking a new case and that felt very -_- luckily we had gd manpower this morning so i didnt have to round all the usual 6 patients all by myself. i would not have been able to do that by any stretch of the imagination, not after finishing call stuff (many many istats and things) at around 845am? 

anyway, thankful for yesterday's call (though super tiring) and the successful LP. 

was reading wj's blog and she mentioned that sometimes God makes life work in strange ways and one day it all clicks so perfectly as to WHY; we realise that we are fitted perfectly/ suited perfectly to what we were called to do. for me well i havent had that euruka moment yet (or rather ive had it many times and after awhile i just attribute it to human emotion and us wanting what we want.) for me its more like a progressive revealing of puzzle pieces.

like going overseas; was something i needed at that point in time to reach a certain level of maturity and independance. yet having the systems based practice in SIP plus the camaraderie from my batchmates, is really something so nice and that i appreciate. even tho i didnt hang out with a lot of them in med sch, when we work together or just hang around during teachings/ ho things, everyone's always really awesome and nice. i think that that's definitely a plus i hadn't even counted on or expected, nor asked from God. He just gave all these to me in a nice package. 

even now in this ward, though its my 3rd month in a big ward through no special machination save that of chance, im really happy to get as much experience and exposure as possible. the potential LPs in this ward are many! if i ever become a resident i know i will need to be good at this. and theres only 1 mth left of this posting to get as much precious experience as i can. 

med dinner then 1 more call (with sat rounds sobs) and then LEAVE. and logbook. blah. 

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