Friday, June 27, 2014

what is love

the past week has been crazy and sleep deprived. i mean, its been fun overall, esp today as we were madly settling things that cropped up. everything went really well today, and most importantly i survived!!! actually most importantly all our patients survived. considering i felt ready to collapse even before i left the house this morning, this is defo a personal achievement

2 months into work, getting to know people better, work is getting smoother, dont get scolded (subtly or not so subtly) that much anymore. although definitely i can still see all my imperfections and areas to improve. i think i really like gathering experience. everything i start something new like a new ward/ deployed somewhere new/ start working with a new mo, there's always a barrier of something to prove/ some systems-based hurdle to get over. but as time goes by, it definitely gets better. you get into teh Zone

to the people that have been with me through this journey so far, esp my fellow hos junheng and kw and andy (being the hos i worked with the most commonly the past 2 months), thank you for being so awesome - junheng for being so hilarious and making our blur and slow first month so funny (kinda like when you dunno whether to laugh or cry... you just laugh. lol. lets just say... there was a lot of laughing that month). kimwei for being so thoroughly reliable (even if the things may or may not eventually get done -cough hids-, he just sounds SO convincing that everything will be ok. his "DON'T WORRY. IT WILL BE OK", only belied by sudden outbursts of angst over the phone to the unsuspecting dept secretary regarding the ridic imbalanceness of the hids haha then i realised how pissed he was at us having to stay back til 9pm everyday to do hids. but nevertheless through all this saiganging, it IS really nice to have fellow saigang warriors along with you doing the work. thanks for being the first line of help before i go bother an mo (anyway he's nearly an mo already... haha). it really helps such a lot. andy for being so cheerful and reliable.

to some special mos and regs - thank you for being so patient with me and teaching me things without ever being snarky about it. socrates method being what it is, i think i still learn better if i'm not feeling guilt/ fear. think i am most indebted to val, jh, zh and c. especially c- i really hope that one day i can be as cool and yet as pro as her.

anyway today was pretty fun (on hindsight). thank God that i survived.

i now have to chiong roster and logbook. and do 3 LPs next mth. crap. plus next mth's roster. double crap

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