Thursday, June 5, 2014

third call

so this is the third call in my entire life. it's still nerve wracking. possibly it gets nerve wracking the more it goes. not more comfortable the more it goes.

things i did well
- i took loads of bloods and set plugs. i think i did around 4-5 successful bloods last night. and blood culture, plug, etc. that's definitely a higher success rate than usual. i guess when you only have one go, you just know you dont have any choice but to get it.
- i was much faster when clerking. in some ways, not fast enough and in others, not detailed enough. LOL. it's like simon says. honestly, sometimes one just cant win. i guess being slow is bad but being not detailed is worse
- i traced most results.
- i cleared most of the passives. haha i remember my first call my mo saved me by doing like half the passives and all the bloods

things to improve
- clerk faster and be more detailed (hai)
- just be faster in general
- trace every single bld result even if it killz me

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