Saturday, June 21, 2014

take us down and we keep trying

I stared up at the sun,
Thought of all of the people, places and things I’ve loved.
I stared up just to see
With all of the faces, you were the one next to me.

You can feel the light start to tremble,
Washing what you know out to sea.
You can see your life out of the window tonight.

If I lose myself tonight,
It’ll be by your side.
I lose myself tonight...
(oh) yeah, yeah, yeah.

Take us down and we keep trying,
Forty thousand feet, keep flying.
med students are flooding the hospital these days. when i see them i feel a mix of nostalgia for my (reccently concluded) days of being a med student myself and a mix of oh crap how am i gonna teach them AND do my rounds?? usually the thought of embarrassment if i dont know my patients wins and i prioritize my rounds over teaching, but i do try as well to some extent. haha. i mean i do still remember the excitement of the first day in the wards!!! when all the microb is finally over and you get to go into the wards for real & its just super awkward hanging around people. and for the SIPs i know that they really want to practice ho-ship so they dont have a painful first week when they finally do start. i can see why the hos were so glad to have sips when we were m5 though. hahahaha. it's so nice to have someone to pre-round for you for at least a few patients. 

in a way they sort of inspire me coz it's very easy to get lost in a day to day survival race against the clock. but they remind me of what we've all gone thru to get here. kinda adds a little more meaning/ reminds me of why i wanted this. half the time im just like - survive am rounds, survive pm ward exploding. HOME 5PM. but of course nah we leave at 830 after hidsing. 

anyway im proud to say i educated my m3s on neurocutaneous stigmata and ims, and i taught my m5s how to do hids. i remember how happy i was when my hos let me do hids for the first time. hahaha. although m's hids was like written in PROSE and i had to go back and rewrite it. and i was covering that ward and technically didnt have to hids at all for that ward -_- haha. but nvm. he did after all coach my jnrs and cause them to get further in a debate competition than we usually do. LOL. also after observing 3 debaters present during am rounds (j, me and m), i conclude that being able to be debate, and being able to present during am rounds, are mutually exclusive. i think after hearing me present, m also has a similar conclusion. haha. it's probably coz during debates it's a lot of rhetoric and grand assumptions, not fact-based, while in medcine, this is either the 1st wheeze, or it's not. the npa was either negative, or not. it's a bit difficult to generalize or to depend on hot air to persuade people, you kinda just either have to know it or admit if you dont know it. and i think its probably better to say "no i didnt ask specifically" than to lie. (duh). 

anyway fun times. i promise to teach my med students more!! assuming i'm alive, which is a huge assumption to make. sy told me not to take off in lieu post call but i think eh if im spending all this time on call roster im going to!!! rounding post call is a special kind of pain that nothing prepares you for. really nothing. not even running 21km. not even training with national triathaletes. my modus operandi is to give everyone all their random call requests and hope no one will judge me for my post call oil haha. or maybe just give them chocolates. chocolate always saves teh day. 

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