Saturday, June 14, 2014

stay with me

loving all taeyang's songs!!

random thought on love, which i honestly have not much time to think about in the daily rush of survival. is that i must really really want it. it can't just be the easy way out. i've seen both sides of love now, and i know that even if most people may want to be loved, i prefer to love rather than to be loved. if i really had to choose. of course a good relationship is two way, there's no denying that! and maybe one day i'll find such a thing. but until that day, i wont settle for anything less. no form of one way loves. because what's the point really?

i think everyone should have someone they think of when love songs play in the background. some hazy memory that makes you smile to yourself. in the velvety silence of the night. of loves gained and lost; someone you thought you couldnt live without, whom you sometimes think you see out of the corner of your eyes, fleeting glimpses on trains as they pull out of the station, at subway stations in the middle of the night. the kind of creatures that populate haruki murakami novels

when i read what haruki murakami writes, i can't help but think of these perfectly imperfect loves & feel bittersweetly glad to have had such in my lifetime

whoever you love, whenever you love them, must be worthy of poetry. they must leap off the page when you read haruki murakami novels; transport you to his jazz-filled subterranean tunnels and hazy streeetlights of tokyo. they dont need to stand up to scrutiny in the harsh sunshine nor be perfect primary-colored; color-coded brilliance.

one day i'll find someone worthy of that. til then, i will not settle for anything less.

beautiful music

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