Sunday, June 29, 2014

rainy rainy

If love continues
Until you accept that it has ended
I am still left behind in my memories
I still felt your presence, 
Not realizing that I'm the only one
Whose feelings hadn't changed
When we crossed paths.

can't accept the loneliness
can't even tear away from my memory of you
The busy time
Makes my heart feel tightened
As you saw me, always trying to laugh off
The beginning of the End,
What went through your mind?

But you become the past
Beyond the rain drops that tap on the window
The place we used to go together
As they blur and disappear
Only the sweet sound keeps resonating
Oh rainy rainy x3


beautiful song by daesung :):)

returning to the OSA of work in about 20 hrs time.... i think i kinda underestimated the logbookthingy for last mth. oops. 

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