Sunday, June 1, 2014


the weekend is over so fast!! i think i should be grateful coz every month we have at least 2 weekends totally off and of course the usual one day a week off thing. so there's at least 6 days off a month!! i still feel exhausted and unrefreshed after each weekend though -_- its like the osa of work haha. never enough time to slack off enough before it's back to the grind. yknow as a student, it's ok if you dont perform fantastically everyday, worse come to worst you feel a little lousy but the marks all kinda even out eventually? and honestly what a med student does is not even one fraction of what a ho does. not even. 

ANYWAY on a happy note i submitted all my call and meal and transport claims!! it doesnt come up to that much though -_- maybe like 350. for 1 half call and 2 full calls. oh well. it did make me slightly happy for like 5 mins. LOL. 

research is... happifying, and it makes me feel like i have a few brain cells to knock together, but at the same time it's more than slightly stressful. i love prezi though, it makes it so much more fun. it's good to find things that are fun whenever you can!!

one more day before we changeover our wards. but i have 2 days of clinics. this is gonna be confuuusing for a couple of days. as it always is every month everywhere when changeover happens. hopefully i can give the impression that i am smarter than a wombat, next month. and also go for the lunch time teaching. i quite enjoyed those we've been able to attend lately. (plus the feeling of being able to walk out of the ward without being accosted by the nurses to fight some fires and not have the phone ring and save ourselves from starvation is bliiiiss)

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