Wednesday, June 18, 2014

all of me

'Cause aaaaall of me
Loves aaaall of you

we were playing the original john legend song in the mo room when doing hids today haha love it!! just chanced upon this lunafly cover.

the more i work the more i think the navy seal dude got it right. the people that do more circuses find that they become stronger than ever. im survivin' but i know there is such a lot more in terms of knowledge/ instinct/ clinical judgement/ efficiency to do. at least people's jaws have stopped dropping. every now and then during ward round i have brain freeze and there's a micro jawdrop but thankfully those times are few and far between, well compared to the first month. hahaha.

thankful for my mos, i think they def trust me more than the prev mos did (and for good reason too, hahaha), but also i know i'm still far off the mark. i think its really nice that they trust and im not sure why (it -could- be the spillover effect of my fellow hos who are quite trustable), but its also a positive reinforcement in that i dont want to let down their trust and thus i try even harder. thankful for my fellow hos who are three of the most trustable people ever.

getting deployed tmr. hope i survive the day haha. everyday is just survival. like today we had med students and all i could think to myself is that even though i know only too well how exciting the first day in the ward is, i really need to round my patients finish or risk dying of embarrassment during reg rounds/ reverse rounds. i did manage to teach them a bit though. maybe more next time. i think out of all the postings i am most qualified to teach paeds (as in i know more paeds than IM/ surg. hahaha).

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