Friday, June 27, 2014

6th call

so i had my 6th call. it was really... omg.

things i learnt from this call
1. just give paracet unless the patient has allergy/ is less than six months old
2. must have a good night's sleep before the call!!! no more roster planning for me man

things i did well
- i think i was pretty fast. it was just a bad call

things i can improve
- blood taking was just hit or miss sigh. i was actually quite lucky re: blood taking on my previous calls. but small chubby babies = errrrr

luckily i had a good mo or i woulda just died. thanks val. seriously. sorry i was so chui this day and the wards just exploded on us sighhh. thank you for being so nice and understanding and funny as usual! at 6am when we are still saiganging together at least i know my mo's in it with me. plus i dont feel scared to call her for help/ escalate when needed so it really helps a lot. 

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