Saturday, June 14, 2014

5th call

the calls are going by so fast!

this was a good call! firstly only 3 new adms (!!!) but a lot of stuff to settle for existing patients. got to sleep 1-2 hrs as well which was nice.

except my blood taking this call was terrible -_- the only one i succeded was one plug for some kid who wouldnt eat much. couldnt get for 2 kids no matter how i tried. okay that's still 33% success rate for the night. settled all my passives and tracings nicely.

survived the next morning rounds too. hopefully im getting the hang of this!!

weekend off = awesomeness. time to slack & have a nice catch up with my cg mates :)

plan for tmr: finish e learning, go gym, go buy my phone accessories/ contact lenses, church

plan for monday: hand up as much as possible of procedure skillz stuff, try to key in more stuff into the online logs. meet c and zq to discuss rostering.

looking forward to hols next month :) time to go gym and chillax and plan for the next overseas holiday hahaha. and graduation!

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