Monday, June 9, 2014

4th call

this was the BEST CALL ever. the only downside is that i lost my voice -_-

you win some, you lose some

firstly i had the good fortune of being paired with the nicest mo in possibly the entire hospital. not only was she nice, she was GOOD. and FAST. plus, this being my 4th call, i didnt make any faux pases [at least no one smsed me the next day abt anything. hahaha]. at the end of the long sunday rounds, she actually thanked me for doing a good job (!!!). after we saw some patient together at around 3am and she examined and i wrote the findings she actually thanked me for filling out the whole clerking sheet (!!). wah seriously nicest mo ever.

the last call the mo was also quite nice except i felt i was abit slow so i clerked this ge case with a cursory glance at the old notes.... BIG MISTAKE coz there was some impt stuff in there, so its not a simple simple ge per se. a bit of a jaw-dropping moment there (im used to this tho), luckily once the mo and reg comes the ho can go off to do the ho-stuff. still v embarrassing.

anyway so this call i cleared ALL THE WEIRD PASSIVES, all the tracings. even a call to set a plug at 638am. who calls the on call to set a plug at 638am when the morning team will come at 7??? unfortunately for me on a sunday whoever rounds that ward doesnt come so early. i really felt like throttling the person who must have been having an extra sunday sleep in. but anyway my fantastic mo did the plug. i would have done it but the parents told me that it was a difficult plug setting. and i asked my mo shld we leave it to the am team? and she just said its ok i will do it!! AMAZED.

i set 2 plugs quickly and successfully! so amazed at myself too. v little baby but after persuading the parents the whole night, suddenly the veins popped up and i got it with one poke. nothing can describe the satisfaction of successfully setting a plug on a little baby who is a moving target.

interesting call indeed.

and im on call again on weds. SOBS. thanks ah mr roster planner. haha

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