Thursday, May 29, 2014


chanced upon joanne's reflections on her nni elective. just beautiful

"... we are now Christ's hands and feet"
"having just gone through 4 weeks of neurology, a specialty that obsesses about eliciting physical signs, i am certain that this sign is the most ... definitive and convincing sign of all - the sign of the cross"

wow. cant even begin to describe the enormity and the awesomeness of this statement

as a student, and even nowadays in our flash ward rounds, we hunt for signs and symptoms
as a house officer, we hunt for a minute to sit down and rest, for a place to rest our heads at night on call and catch a few snatches of sleep. we hunt for signs of what God wants us to do with our lives

the way to become better, faster and more efficient
is not to keep on doing our jobs day after day like monkeys trying to type out the completed works of shakespeare

but the answer lies solely in God

the end and the beginning is that we are called to be Christ's hands and feet
whereever and however we are called

to hug and cuddle babies when they look terrifiedly on as the nurse suctions them, or worse, we put plugs in
to sucessfully get the plugs in so they can go home and play and learn how to flip over

ps: the baby today whom i helped the nurse hold as she was suctioning the baby on my way out was super super cute. she was worth cabbing down for ty meeting for. totally worth it. 

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