Thursday, May 29, 2014

"until God opens a door, praise him in the hallway"

so i'm coming to an end of this first month of working life. i realise now how slow we were at first!! and why people's jaws dropped nearly to the floor that first week! even now i keep discovering new things i should have known. hahaha. oh well. one lives and learns. 

started out in what i now know is the nearly, if not the BUSIEST WARD in the whole hospital, at least i know that if i can handle what is known as the busiest with the highest turnover and largest no of patients the con needs to see (ie rounds take longer), then whatever is thrown at me from now on can only get better

calls although painful, do make me much better in terms of clerking speed and efficiency. it's purely out of necessity cos if you dont speed up it's just really multiplying the pain. calls are just such a funny thing. honestly speaking as a pre-med kid/ student, i really used to think calls were so cool and anticipate them. even before my first call, i was pretty excited. the truth is that calls are a massive to do list that are really difficult to complete.

each task by itself is not really very difficult (for paeds at least), and not hard to do well (eg called to see patient for rash, or spiking fevers, or puff review, or new case). but to do all fast, and well, and prioritize, is a whole different ball game altogether. and you get called all the time for random things, ambushed for changing paracet orders, for first dose abx, stuff like that. and all the wards are pretty far apart and you have to walk briskly without outright running to prevent alarming pple 

so in summary, this month has taught me that the next 11 months will be good character training and medical training. in terms of efficiency, in terms of how to work the system, how to win the game :)

2 more months, lets go!

i will praise him in the hallway until i find out which door he wants to open

ps: thank you to all the various pple who have encouraged me in one way or another regarding my future aspirations. although i truly am still trying to figure out God's will, sort of please help me to change what i can and accept what i cant aka the serenity prayer, i think all the helpful tips are really indispensable and i am really grateful for them!! thank you for helping me get even one step closer to self improvement if not perhaps even fulfilling God's will if so this be it. 

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