Saturday, May 10, 2014

to think about

sometimes, if you dont get on the right bus, there may be a good reason for it

times in your life where you know something great and awesome is coming your way; some epiphany, some explosion of goodness. where everything will make sense when you look back over the puzzle pieces

... this is it

meanwhile, i am currently lusting for sticky date pudding with gula melaka at revolution coffee!! but no free weekends to go. why am i on call every weekend...?? what good can i do on call anyway sigh. on the bright side, all this hids-ing is giving me a good idea of impt qns to ask in histories and management HAHA. there was a super interesting case last night. one of those neurometabolic conditions. altho the way i'm going i am not going to be a paeds neurometabolic doctor anytime in this life until pigs fly, it was def interesting. and thankful for all the nurses who pretty much treat us as their kids (the ward sister can often be found exclaiming "children!!!") and who keep telling me how good and hardworking i am for coming back on a weekend when i technically dont have to. good to know one is appreciated somehow lol. 

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