Thursday, May 1, 2014

there are many things i don't know.

but this i know, that this year of my life will only be turned to good. that God will be with me through my ho year. that i will look back on this time period & see God's hand in my life. that He wants me to pick myself up, stop wondering about the what-ifs, and get into the superman mode of savin the world. (haha. as if we can save the world. well one starfish at a time...)

if it is the right road, then i'm well on the way. 
if it's the wrong bus, my holiday showed me that even if you take the wrong bus and it's dark and scary, you can still get to the right destination in the end. 
(especially if you see a rainbow before starting off... then you are reminded of God's promise to never send the flood again) 

whatever this is, this will make me a better doctor and person.

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