Tuesday, May 13, 2014

sunlight follows me

grateful for this small oasis in the middle of madness

goals for next week/ ways to be faster
1. finish ward round by 11am (HAHAHA so ambitious. fyi, we've been finishing at 12 on a good day. fyi, mos are supposed to start subspec rounds at 1030.)
2. know all my patients inside out. ie, relentlessly probe them about every single day of fever, look in ALL of their throats and noses and ears. if i have to go even ridiculouslier earlier than i've alr been going, SO BE IT. its really not fair to my mos if they cant go for subspec rounds on time coz of us. also if someone had a symptom for a long time, must ask more in detail (yea yea i know, it's so DUH)
3. go and see who needs a memo written and pre-write the memo (cos its so painful to write the memo at the point of discharge... you wouldnt believe.). also summarize all those pple our mos keep asking us to summarize. if not when we're running around like headless chickens the mos will ask "so have u summarized the pts yet?"
4. be the person doing bloods at least one of the days. maybe tmr? procedures log yo
5. finetune my system for writing down to do lists for the day.
6. pm round faster. nuff said. just write: continue management, unless something changed drastically from the morning. no need to rewrite all the issues cos the am round alr has all the details. more impt to flag up any sicker cases to the mos!!
7. sit inside the mo room to do stuffs so i wont get asked to change random things like paracet timings halfway through doing something

because inspiration is always good:
He promises to keep us safe and to bring us to our true home to be with him forever. The opportunity we have this week is to accept this offer of deepening our relationship with our Lord.  We do this by beginning each day in a simple recognition that we are not alone: “Thank you for this day, Lord. I know you want to stay close to me, to guide me and support me today. I need some real strength and courage to face some of the challenges of this day. Help me to remember your presence and love.” This 20 second prayer will open our day to a Lord who invites us to surrender our troubles to him.
If we find ourselves sidetracked and distracted all day, or for several days, it is easy to get right back on track by pausing, while doing almost anything, and asking our Lord to remind us of his constant presence. We will quickly return to a sense that Jesus knows us, understands us, and wants to be with us in whatever troubles our hearts. And, each night, when we give thanks to our Lord for his fidelity to us throughout the day, we will be given the grace to know, again, that we are never alone.
on the bright side, i may have been slow, but i (generally) havent done anything majorly wrong. so that's a good thing!

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