Monday, May 26, 2014

second call!

i'm getting much better at this call thing!! :) just keep on running.

at the end of all this, i'm going to be a superefficient human being. and on the bright side, at least im of some use to humanity being the only girl in the ward and hence the only one who can do ecgs and headss assessments on girls. it sure beats feeling useless as a medical student

anyway 2nd call was much better. no matter how much systems based practice they try to let you get as a student you really really just have to hit the ground running. anyway knowing my baseline levels of awkwardness, i think whatever 'this way' means is an awesome way coz there is like this built-in group of people i already know which makes it so much easier.

to the ward that first taught me how to be a doctor (the cons/ regs/ mos/ fellow hos/ nurses) and the mo on my first two calls, thank you so much for all the things you guys have taught me. we are now SO efficient we can do our changes even before reverse rounds hahaha. things got much better once vivek connected my laptop to the ward printer HAHA. and i whipped through lots of new cases yesterday, being both efficient and thorough, and cleared all my passives and escalated appropriately and quickly as needed! and i even slept >1 hour on call!! and survived the morning round!! and took at least 3 bloods overnight! yayness

happy songs

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