Saturday, May 17, 2014

it's okay, it's love

second week reflections:

this week started out AWESOME with the public holiday and whatnot, and ended AWESOMELY with the mos and regs finally telling us good job and us finishing at 430pm!! the mos were sitting in the room playing music on youtube waiting for 530 to come and the on call to take over, no nurses were calling us for anything, everything was settled, and there was like only 1 hids left to do. i left the ward at 6pm after hids-ing, it was BRIGHT OUTSIDE and there was actually traffic because it's the time normal people leave work. jh left to prepare for call at like 4pm (!!) with all the mos shooing him off. 4 of us actually left to ward to go down for lunch at kopitiam (!!)

wow speechless.

thank you God!!

although there are many circumstances that led to this e.g most of the days we had full manpower in the ward (4 hos) thanks to suemei helping us to hids and me expressing to her how badly we had died last week (a blessing in disguise that we had so many hids people had to come and help out), junheng becoming superman (sadly unlike me who is still a snail), the con being more conservative and not asking for so many bloods, only ONE discharge and ONE new case today....

i am still amazed and grateful.

also i did bloods today!! although, erm, i think the nurses' help was indispensable. literally. i think we would die without the resident nurse. no question about it. best. nurses. ever.

hoping third week will be survivable too!!

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