Tuesday, May 13, 2014


note: alot to get out of my system and pep myself up so apologies for probable repetition. a suggestion: go eat gula melaka pancakes at revolution coffee and dont read the below ramblings. hahaha
two unexpected days off work due to public hols and whatnot is so luxurious!! unfortunately manpower is a bit shorter tmr so it's back to being fried. was a bit freaked out at covering 16 patients over the weekend (and then passives for 2 wards...) but it was the best rounds ever!! nicest con ever. a breath of inspiration & encouragement. couldn't believe my ears that someone actually still believed in me.

its also scarier when the consultant is one of your heros cos you want to make sure everything is perfect. there was one interesting event, which ended with me proposing to call the con to ask him something and the mo actually had to cover her face with the mask cos she was laughing so hard. -_- anyway everyone was very nice about it.

only survived half call thanks to the nurses. maybe the nurses here are used to looking after little children anyway haha but they are AWESOME. in 66 the nurses actually prepared a list of all the things to do and gave it to me. and half the time when they're asking me to order things i've never ordered before they'll just show me how to order them. (no worries it's usually minor stuff like calamine lotion). and they never scolded me or rushed me even though i was abit slow with the discharges cos i was settling something in another ward. and also thanks to SY, who was helping me though he was on FULL call. by the end of the day i was whizzing thru my puff reviews and resolving not to be so super conservative with cutting down the frequency of the puffs haha. and also JH, my ward partner, for making work life so hilarious even though we're so stressed all the time, and my mos for bearing with us and always giving us pep talks. i promise to be faster!!

today's daily dose of inspiration comes from  http://onlineministries.creighton.edu/CollaborativeMinistry/051414.html 

“It was not you who chose me, but I who chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit that will remain” … JohnToday we read that the Lord of the Universe has chosen even us playground losers for his team. WOW!            And what do we have to do to be worthy of this honor? “Go and bear fruit that will remain.”            I’ve been pondering what this means since we former team rejects will never cure cancer, compose a hymn that competes with  “Ode to Joy” or work in Calcutta’s slums. 
So if you are overwhelmed with the idea of God actually choosing you for his team (even if you always struck out), don’t be intimidated. .... remember that there are about a zillion small things you can do in your ordinary life to “bear fruit that will remain” and justify your place on God’s team.
well i wasn't really a playground loser HAHA, i was chosen not first but not last either, somewhere in the middle ;p and since i started cross country and gymming, i did become significantly more athletic ;p like the time i was the fastest runner amongst the girls during 2.4! (literally the last will become first, as i'd also just been the last straggler during cross country training a few weeks before that...).

but something that really struck me is the idea that God has chosen us for his team, no matter whether we are winners or losers. i may be an okay runner but in terms of daily work right now i dont actually think any mo in their right mind will choose me for their team (yesterday i took mc and received a triumphant whatsapp from jh "liz i'm on the bus home at 630! record! and finished 11 hids!"). man whoda think i was the rate limiting step. darn.

despite this all, i DO have the ability to cure/ heal/ comfort in some way or another. isn't that amazing?! it doesnt always feel amazing when i'm running from one tower to another with a whole list of mundane things to do that i'm late to do, but big-picture wise, it is. God HAS chosen me for his team, all i have to do is find out what i can do in my daily life to justify my place on his team :)

back to work tmr, will be a paragon of efficiency yes! come on world we can do this!! i specifically signed up for this SI because i knew that there is high volume which would train me well both clinically in and efficiency. and oh yes indeed. by the time i finish HO year (if i manage to jump thru all the electronic hoops and documentation) i would probably be like a h2g2 robot on speed. go go go

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