Tuesday, April 29, 2014

vanilla sky

after a series of alternating useful and non-useful lectures, went to have korean food with nic at plaza sing! it was super yummy. plus... KOREAN FOOD. blessing in disguise that the french restaurant near her workplace was closed! but totally going one day for the profiteroles anyway ;p good to know i still have friends! also, like nic said, there are some things that only the two of us would know what we are referring to, or the implication of. haha. well i guess MY, nand etc might know, but they'll just be like *sigh, shakes head* LOL. although the actual recollection of events is clearly hazy, it's nice to know someone understands a certain phase in your life huh. 

it also made me feel better about something else, which DUH what else could be the reason. well maybe many reasons. but this is the funniest and most obvious way, darn i knew that would come back to kick me. oh well.. blessings in disguise oh yea. 

plan for the day! (sigh it's raining ++)
- open bank account
- settle holiday photos
- get registered!!
- gym (the inside of which i may not see for a long, long time)
- contacts??

plan for wednesday
- mug (yes nearly a month's downtime and i save the mugging for two days before. good job)

plan for thurs
- cmg ho tea (ie the time where i say dear God, please help me be a good doctor and miraculously learn how to take blood, for the sake of all the neonatal pyrexia babies that will need someone to take blood from them.... )

plan for fri

plan for weekend
- pre-call mugging
- half call or quarter call. whatever you call it. 

plan for rest of life: still dunno, but know it's going to be okay. more than ok. awesome! oh yea. 

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