Saturday, April 19, 2014

the next day

hi world, so our fates have been revealed!! well, for me, one year and two months worth of it. haha. complete with detailed rotation schedules for nearly all 100 of us in the same residency program! hats off to the super-efficient admin people in aforementioned residency program who actually emailed us on the EVENING of results release haha

first off: I PASSED MBBS!!! *dance of joy*

when i told my priest about it, he was like YAY FINALLY, after 6 yrs right?? *thanks ah*. but anyway haha yes i'm more than glad to have finally passed. the best thing about med sch is how -to me at least- the whole of med sch has been a testament to God's glory & grace. From getting me into med sch, to helping me find amazing friends & seniors & juniors to patients in the final exam to examiners in the final exam... to every single test i've ever taken in med school, God literally just picked me up and brought me over every hurdle. Even though i'm not a deans lister nor did i get into ~dreAm residencY worX~, i think I've done the best job possible that I could over these past six yrs.

that brings me to part 2: I think God has a really big & awesome plan for me. Which, currently, I havent the faintest idea what it is. I'll let you guys know what it is in the event i ever discover this Big Plan.

part 3: i am now enrolled in a reality show entitled 'so, you think you wanna do paeds?' commencing 2nd of may. followed by 'so, you think you wanna do im?'. Lets just hope I can take bloods from the most flailing and crying of cute babies by the end of these six months. Knowing my destiny would be good too.

ahhh i can't believe i'm going to be a doctor!!! excited max.

now off to read my haul of fantasy books bought by the SIP allowance. #lifeisgood

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