Sunday, April 13, 2014

standing there

one day, i will write a poem for you. i hope it will be one that involves sunlight or corals or somesuch pretty imagery. i hope it will be a happy poem, one not involving any cliches or cheesiness; nothing about cheese at all. no moons, no pale white plates separating us like a tectonic plate, no earthshaking movements, no operas of which the names i cant remember, the language of which i do not understand

i hope it will be a poem in the present tense
i hope it will be a good one

but even if the tense is past
there is such a thing as past perfect tense
i never used to understand that, but

some things can be perfection in themselves. perfection in imperfection

my crystal balls are rather near-sighted and i doubt they would pass any vision tests. i have a liking for filtering pictures through instagram; i have given up double second guessing myself around about three years ago. three years ago, i found many things but i also gave up feeding the romantics

so i won't commit to saying anything, and any picture i paint would probably be unreliable - 
but if i ever think of you; past present or future too, i would think of you repainting my mental imagery of an  orangely buzzy coffee shop and the walk past streetlights at night. i would think of green fields & picnic baskets and a perfect blue sky.

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