Sunday, April 20, 2014

on rainbows

the reason why i like rainbows is that they are meant to be God's promise. oh & they're really pretty :)

today is easter sunday! the day where Jesus rose after three days. on easter sunday, you're practically obligated to be a happy easter bunny. i just need me some chocolate eggs heh. 

i gave it my best shot, i calculated the odds the best way i knew how, and i followed the way i thought God was calling me to. never in my calculations did i factor in money, fame, or prestige. in fact, i tried extremely hard to avoid those like the bubonic plague. 

today, on easter sunday, i can finally say, that i know what God wants me to do; what he rescued me from the dark to do. & someday soon, i will see the sunrise. sometimes, you get on the wrong bus; the bus may take longer than you expected, and you may end up getting utterly frozen in a foreign country you kinda didnt expect to land up in (i'm not even being metaphorical here hahahaah). but you'll find warmth (and wifi) at the rest stops, you'll find friendly fellow passengers who tell you how to get to your final destination (even after you've asked multiple times to check that this bus is really really going there). you'll find a landlord at the end who has the prettiest house with the awesomest view. you realise that maybe that bus you took cos you thought it was cheaper and ended up bringing you through (pretty but) rural scenery was the experience of a lifetime; never mind that you've had had plenty of experiences of a lifetime... in your lifetime already. that sometimes you just need such experiences to know that he WILL bring you through the darkness, that there will be a sunrise. 

on this day that is usually accompanied by hot cross buns & chocolate & egg hunts, i just want to say that i am really grateful for all my blessings, one of them in particular, no matter whether it's transient or not, i know that it is definitely godsent. i want to say that i hope that (rather obvious) hint was the final piece in this easter egg hunt (and no im not talking about the hint one might think i am talking about...). d says that ___ has no idea of what these things mean to us but i think that it's precisely because he doesnt know that it is meaningful to me! and for in particular the three people whose constant encouragement have kept me sane & on this walk with God, and not to mention kept my hope alive on aforementioned wrong bus journey heh: d, m and n. 

and also, this is the last post in nearly six years worth of medical school. maybe i should print all this out to myself as a memory hahahaha. bye guys, thanks for listening. i'll let y'all know if the plan is what i think it is :) 

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