Saturday, April 12, 2014

little star

back from my travels! most exciting & beautiful trip ever haha. literally thank God for bringing us back home safe & sound.

admiring amazing feats of nature, probably one of the most beautiful places on earth, and suddenly saw a rainbow out of the corner of my eye. whipped out my phone camera despite the fact that i was on this wooden bridge-trail thing with hundreds of mini waterfalls gushing everywhere around my feet and spraying thousands of little jets at unsuspecting passers-by. i love these little finds. one of the passers-by i helped take a photo for asked me how old i was and if i liked big, tall guys like his son HAHA.

too many things to reccount, just thankful for all the beautiful scenery, good weather, amazing providences, yummy food, friendly & enthusiastic b&b owners, random people who gave directions & helped out, whatsapp buddies to share the experiences with (and a who was going to all the same places at diff times, loL), and all the logistics somehow working out, and much much more. i can't even begin to describe it, my sun-soaked photos probably speak a thousand words :)

on the plane, watched hunger games, ender's game, frozen, countless binges of big bang theory (so much love). had much kaffee und kuchen; each kuchen was muchly appreciated i must say and usually landed in my vicinity by some measure of providence. the kaffee was free-flowing & i also realised this trip that i am well & truly addicted to it. never knew that kaffee was a basic need ranking up there with shampoo and socks. oh well.

upon landing, proceded to have awesome bbq, and today had brunch in the most beautiful green leafy place

nicest post-exam flurry of activies ever!! now i just need to recover from the ensuing exhaustion from my predictably tiring rushing around method of travelling, haha. something that crossed my mind very frequently is that there are many things i want to do for God & that he wants me to do for him (i know this sounds very presumptious coming from someone who has a dubious blood taking success rate buT i am of the firm opinion that in our own ways big or small we can all do something for God in some way or other okayy. i just need to find my way, and in around 5 days time that will become slightly clearer... haha). well He did bring me through all types of situations so i'm guessing there is lots awaiting for me to do :)

but for the remaining few days of precious freedom, there are many small things to do as well. recharged & ready to go!!

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