Sunday, April 27, 2014

belated easter eggs

Was helping d revise on skype when I realised that alot of my fav pple whom I havent talked to for agess were logging on!! So I just gave it a shot and ended up chatting to quite a few of them :) haha. I havent turned skype on for years man. It was really nice :)

I am seriously beginning to think that God has a list of small prayers/wishes... wishlist if you must... years after I make those wishes then they come true. Like brunch & eggs ben, thats defo one... reconnecting however briefly with old friends (sort of ending the yrs of history actually on a nice note), haha I rmb in debate days I really wanted to make friends with the debaters from other schools but we were too shy... and in my uni days I ended up getting to know all these ac debate guys haha

Anyway I think my lazy days of hibernation are overrr sobs. Time to be in efficient mode!!

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