Sunday, March 23, 2014

some happy things

1. the geri marks; an affirmation that i'm on the right path - that's where i learnt for the first time to see God in my patients :) and btw i had no intention whatsoeverr to impress since i have zero interest in geri haha. somehow the morning prayers as i took that long walk to the ward really worked (yes. it was that long a walk, and i was usually rather sleepy)

2. getting a paeds case with the same condition as my most inspirational patient ever.

3. getting the fbinvite to the cmg ho welcometea. i def want to start off my medical career with dedicating it to God and to thank him for (hopefully) helping me make it through (assuming i actually finish revising long case haha)

4. doing offering today! i liked the songs too :)

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