Tuesday, March 4, 2014

one more day

haha, just what popped into my mind when i woke up and saw all those ONE MORE DAY posts on fb
"i've heard a song similar to this before!!"

this always gives me comfort for some reason. 

happy note: finished >100 mcqs over breakfast even before the day hit 10am!!
now off to mug poisoning & ID
then psych
what a weird combi of things to mug -_-
thank you God for everything, i don't know how to repay your graces & blessings
thank you for giving me friends who help me with mcqs despite being seriously post-call hahaha 
thank you for healing my heart after all these yrs
you remembered what it felt like for me to grit my teeth & keep on running in the snowstorms; on the day hailstones came; what it was like to study cardio feeling like my heart was getting frostbite
no matter what happens, thank you God for i feel like i'm drinking hot chocolate by a warm fireplace 

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