Monday, March 10, 2014

monday mornings

mugging hand shorts, status post awesome brunch of bacon & eggs :) woke up to a barrage of whatsapp msges from friends im going to study with in sch later & my snr telling me whats prostate in chinese. HAHA.

looking for some inspiration, i searched my phone bookmarks for the door of faith website which was responsible for much enlightenment the past yr... and it struck me that although i started out my geri posting last yr feeling not very interested, it was actually one of the best postings in med school, because it taught me to see God in my patients. one of the blogposts is about this guy who initially didnt want to give a poor homeless guy money to buy food but then kicked himself after remembering the thing about "i was hungry, you gave me nothing to eat/ i was naked, you did not clothe me/ whatever you did for the least of one of those brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me". & he was given a second chance to help another hungry & homeless guy! i mean, i'm defo not going into geri next time becos my personal capacity doesn't lie there haha, but the lessons it taught me are definitely priceless :)

now just to study harder so that i dont do more harm than good when i do help my patients. *coughbloodculture*

(dear God please give me a second chance, thank you.)

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